Woodbury Principal Dunham is Given a “Happy” Send-Off

After eight years as principal of Woodbury Junior-Senior High School, and over 30 years in education, Denise Dunham has retired.

Dunham was a charismatic woman who was beloved by students and faculty alike.  That’s why no ordinary goodbye would do. Instead, a surprise event involving the entire student body was planned. The students performed a giant, choreographed dance in the gym to one of Dunham’s favorite songs, “Happy,” by Pharrell. 

At the conclusion of the dance, representatives from all the grades – 6th through 12th – honored Dunham with songs, a quilt, pottery, candy, a yearbook dedication, and thoughts and sayings representing her time in Woodbury. In addition, a video was created starring staff members dancing and lip-syncing to the “Happy” song.  (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V41fqY6B2Bs)

While Dunham will be very much missed, the district is excited to announce that as of July 1 Mr. Eder Joseph became the new principal for the Junior-Senior High School.

Joseph is a dedicated educator who has spent most of his career in the Pemberton Township School District.  He was a special education classroom teacher at the elementary and middle school grades; spent time in Orange, New Jersey, as a high school assistant principal; and returned to Pemberton as an assistant principal in their middle school.  Joseph is excited to bring his experience with all levels of K-12 schooling, and his enthusiasm for doing good work on behalf of students, to our Woodbury community.


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