RiverWinds Renovations to Be Scheduled for Minimum Disruption

After meeting with Central Carpet, Township Administrator Eric Campo says there will be no need to close the building for carpeting and tile replacement.

RiverWinds Community Center is no old horse, but that doesn’t mean it can’t profit from a few updates. Slated to begin some time in November, RiverWinds will be getting some much needed renovations.

Yet no need to fear, the township is taking every step to ensure a little carpet installation doesn’t become a big hassle for patrons.

Township Administrator Eric Campo says after meeting with Central Carpet Thursday afternoon, they are confident the community center will not have to be closed down for the renovations. Instead, Campo says installation of carpeting will occur in sections around the center rather than all at once.

During the Oct. 4 township committee meeting, a resolution passed awarding contracts to both Central Carpet and North Eastern Hardwood Floors for delivery and installation at RiverWinds. While some discussion was brought up on how the installation would affect patrons of the community center, Campo assured proper notice would be given in advance.

Installation of the new carpeting is expected sometime in November since it will take about five weeks for the new carpet to be delivered. To ensure no patrons are disturbed, Campo explains that the scheduling for the installation will be based around the times of day in which the community center or parts of the community center are used the least. Campo says this may also include night time hours and weekends.

Scheduling for the installation will be posted at RiverWinds, as well as on the RiverWinds website.  

Yet, new carpet and flooring is not the only update the community center will see. Following talks on the cancellation of postponed West Deptford Day fireworks at the Oct. 4 township committee meeting, Mayor Raymond Chintall announced RiverWinds is also in need of a new heater for the pools. Chintall also suggested that the saved expense of paying for fireworks in full would help to offset the costs of a new heater.

“I’m very excited, our purchasing agent did a good job looking for the best possible pricing,” says Campo.

While the new pool heater was originally quoted around $18,000, thanks to the agent the town is only expecting to pay about $13,600. Campo says he expects the new heater to also be installed sometime in November.


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