Westville to Dedicate 'Light of the Missing'

The light will be turned on whenever a member of the community goes missing, as a way to raise awareness.

Light of the Missing LLC submitted the following news release:

Westville is the first to adopt the Light of the Missing, giving our community another tool to keep all of our residents safe.

The Light of the Missing is to alert the community in the event of a missing person. This would encompass a missing or abducted child; elderly person with Alzheimer's or even an autistic person.

The Light of the Missing will be turned on when someone is reported missing. We know the most critical hours when a person is missing are the first four hours, with the Light of Missing we are increasing awareness with a faster response, within minutes after a person is reported missing, The Light of the Missing would be activated, increasing the information and tips reported to law enforcement during the critical first hours.

Information about the missing person will be placed along with extra fliers for the public to take will be placed in enclosed boxes under the Light of the Missing. 

We have dedicated Westville's Light of the Missing in honor of 7-year-old, Stephanie Monn, whom we lost 19 years ago. There is an angel with a floating red heart in memory of all the missing. We all hope and pray we never have to turn The Light of Missing on!

The founder of the Light of the Missing is Joseph C. Nicholas (well known as "Joe Nick.")

The dedication ceremony for the Light of the Missing will be held 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 13 at Westville Borough Hall, 165 Broadway, Westville. 

A Fall Festival/Craft and Classic Car show will run 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. along Broadway from Delsea Drive. 


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