Bites Nearby: Seasons 52

Part of Cherry Hill's restaurant row, this sophisticated grill offers a changing seasonal menu with an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients.

Bored with the same old dining out destinations you’ve been going to for years? Hungering for a new fabulous food experience? Rather than perusing the Web or taking tips from friends, we’ve got a better idea.

Each week, West Deptford Patch editors and readers will pick a great restaurant nearby whose cuisine is considered to reign supreme.

We don't normally go for chain restaurants–honestly, can you tell the difference between Friday's, Chili's and Applebee's?–but this is one we'll keep going back to for its unique, seasonal menu and awesome wine list.

Seasons 52 is part of Restaurant Row at the Cherry Hill Mall, and occupies a low-slung, wood-and-stone building–you can't miss the smell of the grill–next to Nordstrom's. It's pricier than most chains–expect to spend around $75 or so for a couple for dinner, drinks and dessert–but delivers quality far above its competitors.

Greatest Dish Ever: We'll call this perhaps the greatest idea ever: shot glass desserts. Yeah, you can go out and score one of those 1,400-calorie brownie-'n'-ice cream monstrosities elsewhere, but you're either not going to finish it, or crash so hard from the sugar high you won't wake up until Wednesday. Seasons 52 opts for the manageable–if a little pricey–dessert-in-a-glass that's no less delicious, and doesn't leave you with seven cavities immediately afterward.

Don’t Miss: The seasonal side of the menu, which changes four times a year–though there are some staples, so for those of you who, like us, get hooked on one dish, some of your favorites will hang around all year. The menu is paired with a great wine list, and don't assume you have to drop a mint to get a good glass: The very reasonable Indaba chardonnay won't break the bank and is as good, if not better, than wines at double the price.

The Vibe: With the somewhat heftier price tag comes a mellow atmosphere with an emphasis on dark wood and lots of wine on display. If you like piano, there's live music on the weekends–otherwise, go during the week, when it's less crowded, anyway. Reservations are nearly a requirement, though you can occasionally get a table if you walk in off the street.

JAW April 20, 2011 at 12:22 AM
Season's os just an over priced place by the same owners as red Lobster and Olive Garden... I wish that we could hear about all of the great local places that wonderful and who really cater to the locals, and not some big company down in Flordia
Bryan Littel April 20, 2011 at 02:54 AM
Have any in mind you'd like us to spotlight?


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