Cheapest Gas: Citgo on Cooper

You can still get gas for under $3 per gallon, you just have to drive a bit.

The bad: If you were hoping for a quick drive for gas under $3 to start this week, you're out of luck. While several stations are close, the usual spots–along Mantua Pike and up at the Brooklawn Circle–are still just over the mark.

The good: You can still get a gallon of regular for under $3, you'll just need to make a bit of a drive. The closest is the Citgo on Cooper Street in Deptford. Otherwise, if you're sneaking in some last-minute shopping at the Deptford Mall, BJ's and Sam's Club both break the $3 mark.

Keep tabs with the shifts in gas prices during the week with our new Traffic and Gas tab, which will not only get you to the least-expensive station, it'll show you where the bottlenecks are along the way.


  • Citgo, 1100 Cooper St.–$2.999
  • Hess, Brooklawn Circle–$3.029
  • P&S Gas, 1100 Hessian Ave.–$3.079
  • Sunoco, 406 Mantua Pike–$3.079
  • –$3.119


  • Sam's Club, 2000 Clements Bridge Rd.–$2.959
  • BJ's, 1910 Deptford Center Rd.–$2.979
  • Citgo, 8005 S. Crescent Blvd.–$2.979
  • Wawa, 602 N. Black Horse Pike–$3.019
  • Hess, Black Horse Pike & Kings Highway–$3.029
Bill Bondar December 19, 2011 at 01:10 PM
Gas stations along rt 130 in Collingswood .. Sun 12/18... $2.95
Bryan Littel December 19, 2011 at 02:44 PM
Thanks, Bill!


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