Cheapest Gas: Stop at the Truck Stop

The Crown Point Truck Stop beats all comers to start this week.

Gas prices continue their yo-yoing this week, but on the plus side, they're down from the start of last week–and in some cases, significantly so.

If you're looking to start your week with the least-expensive fill-up, take a ride down Crown Point to the truck stop, which beats all comers by far this morning.

The usual low-price spots aren't far behind, however, and you're saving a few cents a gallon filling up to start this week, as opposed to last week.

  • Crown Point Truck Stop, 1740 Crown Point Rd.–$3.399
  • Wawa, 856 Mantua Pike–$3.459
  • Liberty, 1070 Mantua Pike–$3.479
  • Lukoil, 406 N. Broad St.–$3.499
  • –$3.539


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