G's Liquor Gallery May Move as Early as This Fall

After getting the green light from the West Deptford zoning board to move, Greg Payer hopes to have his business moved before the holidays.

Beer and cheesesteaks in one stop? Not a bad idea, with football season right around the corner, and it'll be an option if moves in next to King of Steaks this fall.

Greg Payer, owner of the liquor store currently located in Sherwood Plaza, says there are still too many pieces of the puzzle missing for anything to be concrete at this point. With approval to move from the zoning board to move about a mile down Kings Highway, Payer says it’s just a matter of waiting on financing.

“Nothing is definite 'til I hear from the bank,” says Payer, who has plans to buy the entire lot which sits on the intersection of Kings Highway and Parkville-Station Road. 

The lot currently houses and the former Terry’s Tropical Tans, and has cycled through the market for the last five years.

Payer says he is unsure of what to do with the building at this point. He plans to get some input from King of Steaks owner Joe Gregoria, if or when he purchases the lot, as to whether to keep the building divided or turn it into a single store. If the building becomes one large liquor store, King of Steaks will have to relocate to another area.

Gregoria has already to the idea of Payer moving next to him, and says he believes the liquor store would help feed costumers to his side and vice versa.  

“I would love to be in before the holidays,” says Payer, though he is skeptical if that timeline is likely. 

As he explains, it may be close to two months before he even hears back from the bank.  

The . While some residents from the Village Grande—the 55 and older community that shares a boarder with the lot—came out to voice their concerns, all were satisfied with a proposed fence that would be placed in between the lot and the community.  

The financial responsibility of the fence would fall on Payer, who told the Village Grande residents he was fine with the idea.  

Other issues discussed by the board also included stripping a few parking spots away in the lot in order to create a designated loading zone for trucks, and concerns over whether the lot is big enough for trucks to maneuver. The board eventually approved the potential move, 6-1.


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