Local Businesses Gear Up for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday means more sales for Gloucester County pizza shops, liquor stores and sports bars.

For many, the Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday, marked by eating and drinking as much as you want, spending time with friends and talking about which commercials were the best this year. 

Local businesses know it, and are all set to cater to customers' Super Bowl needs.

“Even if Philly teams aren’t in it, people still need booze,” said Jay Rose from Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Outlet in West Deptford. According to Rose, Joe Canal’s already had a “good amount of pre-ordered kegs” by Wednesday.

This is the store’s fifth year in the area. As for many businesses, January and February are slow months for Joe Canal’s. Owner Scott West says that the Super Bowl weekend is a “good shot of business.”

Despite the fact that they will be busy “it’s more of a fun weekend for us.”

Both Rose and West said that Super Bowl Sunday is more of a beer and cocktails type of event. They both also suggested buying growlers (a 64-ounce container of beer) from their new pouring station.

By Rose’s logic, you bring one to a party “so you can still drink craft beer if you want,” citing that most beer bought for Sunday will be from major breweries like Miller and Coors.

Another locally-owned liquor store, G’s Liquor Gallery, also expects to see an increase in business, according to employee Jill Thomas.

“Every time there’s a Super Bowl, it definitely gets busy,” said Thomas. “We would probably be busier if the Eagles were in it.”

Joe Graffeo from Tony Soprano’s Pizza in Westville expressed a similar sentiment. “The Eagles aren’t in it, but it’s still a Super Bowl,” he said. “We should be busy all day Sunday.”

Graffeo said that the store has received a few pre-orders as of early Friday morning, but that he expected most of the orders to still come in last minute. They even have extra people on shift for the game. Tony Soprano's award-winning wings will be on special this Sunday, with 50 wings running less than $20.

But not every pizza shop will be seeing this kind of change. Joe Gambino, owner of Benny’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Oak Valley, said that this will be the “same as every Sunday.”

“The Super Bowl might bring a couple hundred extra dollars,” he explained. They won’t sell as many sandwiches, but they will sell more wings and appetizers instead. Either way, they will be ready.

With all of the excitement behind the Super Bowl, and the rise in sales for both beer and food, plenty of bars and restaurants in the area will be ready with specials.

A restaurant right down the street from Benny’s is also set up for the Super Bowl. The Hollywood Sports Bar on Route 45 “definitely expects a good turnout,” says John Karamisakis. “We have a strong Pittsburgh fan base.”

The sports bar side of this diner-bar combo has 25 big-screen TVs and a large seating area. There will also be drink and wing specials for the big game, as well as giveaways.

Frank Storniolo, from Rocking Stone Irish Pub and Grill in Paulsboro, said they will be celebrating with a free buffet during their Super Bowl party.


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