Sunoco, Colonial Pipeline Tie In at Eagle Point

The two companies can now send and receive refined petroleum products over a linked line at the refinery complex.

Sunoco Logistics'  is now hooked into the Colonial Pipeline system, giving the two companies the ability to send and receive refined products, according to a recent Reuters report.

The Eagle Point tank farm, which is , will be able to accept products shipped from the Colonial Pipeline system, which stretches from Texas up into the Northeast, company officials told Reuters.

It will also allow the reverse, giving Sunoco Logistics the opportunity to tap into markets served by Colonial.

The announcement comes —a six-mile stretch that runs across West Deptford, from Colonial’s tank farm on Mantua Grove Road, through the center of the township and up to Eagle Point.

The company jetted high-pressure water through the entirety of the line to ensure its integrity, and no problems were reported in the test, which concluded at the end of May.

from its parent company last year in a $100 million deal. The refinery portion of the complex is slowly being cut apart in a long-term demolition program.

Occupant June 18, 2012 at 09:14 PM
So what, big whoop! This is news?


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