Want Pitbull to Visit Your Local Walmart?

The national chain's Facebook contest will bring the Miami-based rapper to the store with the most new "likes."

Did you ever think you'd run into the suave rapper Pitbull in the aisles of your neighborhood Walmart? 

Probably not, but it could happen. 

Walmart and Pitbull have joined forces for a promotion that will bring the Miami-based rapper to the Walmart store that gets the most new Facebook "likes" by July 15. 

But, there's a hitch–the Walmart in one remote town is already way ahead in the voting. 

As a gag, a writer for The Boston Phoenix, an alternative newsweekly, started a campaign to send Pitbull to the most out-of-the-way Walmart possible, and that's in Kodiak, AK. 

The Kodiak Walmart had 66,000 "likes" as of Friday evening. 

If Pitbull fans want to see him at the Walmart off Cooper Street in Deptford, they'll need to pick up the pace. The store had 558 "likes" on Friday night. 

To take part in the contest, "like" your local Walmart on Facebook


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