'Diego' and 'Grey' Are the Gloucester County Pets of the Week

These kittens are up for adoption from the county animal shelter.

"Diego" and "Grey" are a pair of 3-month-old neutered male kittens. "Diego" is the brown tabby kitten and "Grey" is the grey tabby kitten.

"Diego" and "Grey" are two little firecrackers who will light up your life! Their spunky, playful personalities will keep you entertained for hours.

Once they're all played out and it’s time for a rest, "Diego" and "Grey" snuggle together and fall asleep wrapped around each other. "Diego" and "Grey" love each other and they are looking for a family that will adopt them both.

The Gloucester County Animal Shelter has an adopt one, get one free adoption rate, meaning you can adopt both of these kitties for one adoption fee.

If you would like to adopt "Diego" and "Grey," please contact the Gloucester County Animal Shelter at 856-881-2828. Their ticket number is 217682. "Diego" and "Grey" can be seen at the Petsmart in Mantua.


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