RiverWinds Releases Survey for Members

RiverWinds management and advisory board hope to receive feedback from members on areas where they need to improve.

RiverWinds' advisory board and management are looking for feedback from its members and need your help.

A survey created by the RiverWinds team is up on Surveymonkey.com and asks its members to rate their experience at the complex. The survey encompasses everything from the gymnasium and fitness classes to the senior and child centers.

“We wanted to know what the current membership feels about RiverWinds,” said Jeff Hanson, chair of the RiverWinds advisory board. “We want to know things that they like, things where we can improve.”

The survey is a collaborative effort between the advisory board and management. The survey should only take about three to four minutes, according to Hanson.

“Hopefully we get full participation from our membership,” he said. “Hopefully, we'll compile enough information.”

The survey is located at this link. RiverWinds also has the link on its Facebook page and website.


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