West Deptford High School Inducts 2013 National Honor Society Students

Congratulations to the 42 students and their families.

The 2013 NHS inductees. Credit: West Deptford High School.
The 2013 NHS inductees. Credit: West Deptford High School.
West Deptford Patch joins the parents, faculty, and staff of West Deptford High School in saluting the 2013 inductees of the National Honor Society.

Those students eligible for the program exemplify the best attributes of scholarship, leadership, service, and character in their school and in the community at large. 

Pictured above are:

Row 1
  • Christopher Barron
  • Michael Daws
  • Elaine DeHart
  • Michael Gardner
  • Max Gaylord
  • Conor Goggin
  • Lauren Goldberg
  • Danielle Grover
  • James Hambor
  • Cara Jankauskas
Row 2
  • Hunter Holmstrom
  • Genevieve Kopec
  • Payton McGinniss
  • Alexis McLeod
  • Scott Melson
  • Gabrielle Minnite
  • Ashley Oliva
  • Valerie Palmer
  • Maya Panchal
  • Paige Paratore
  • Thomas Purvenas
  • Tanner Lyons

Row 3
  • Brent Wilder
  • Zachary Amiss
  • Danielle Melvin
  • Michelle Cairns
  • Kaylin Moulton
  • Andrew Colone
  • Amber Reichart
  • Wil Egresitz
  • Marlie Stock
  • Emma Fenning
  • Abigail Strano
  • Melissa Gregorio
  • Peter Tachdjian
  • Emily Hoelbinger
  • Mackenzie Thayres
  • Karen Knoblock
  • Ryan Weikel
  • Grace Kresge
  • Kyle Wenzel
  • Matthew Levi Lightcap


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