Letter: Democratic 'Machine' Bad for West Deptford

In this letter to the editor, the writer says two committee members aren't acting in West Deptford's best interest.

To the Editor:

Having attended the Sept. 20 West Deptford Township Meeting brought to light further the workings of the Democratic machine and party bosses by committee members Denice DiCarlo and Donna Szymborski.

Ms. Szymborski has been around for several years and either refused to look at all of the waste, mismanagement and potential corruption which has plagued West Deptford during her tenure, because she was told to by the Democratic machine or she is not capable of doing her job as an elected official. Ms. Szymborski went so far as to inform the public that they should not be discussing politics at the township meeting. Ms. Szymborski, like it or not, you are a politician and politics governing our community is what the township meetings are all about.

Ms. DiCarlo responded to Samuel Cianfarini’s statement about her selfish involvement in the Sunoco case by calling him a liar. Not expecting any class from Ms. DiCarlo, this only highlighted that she had no answer for the facts, which the minutes from the meeting in question reflected. But, then again, the Democratic machine, which supports Ms. DiCarlo, has never had an answer for any of the debt, mismanagement and now corruption they are being accused of currently. 

Also, when Ms. DiCarlo challenged the , she exposed herself further, as trying to protect Gerry White, David Shields, Anna Docimo, Steve Sweeney and crew.

Ms. DiCarlo and Ms. Szymborski, your involvement with the Democratic machine and the people you associate with is wrong and has been wrong for West Deptford. Trying to prevent residents from talking about politics to the politicians which represent this community at our township meetings is seriously misunderstanding what this country is all about.

Challenging a fraud and abuse hotline demonstrates that you are trying to further protect the Democratic machine which has created real problems and now potential fraud and corruption in West Deptford.

We look forward to the continued efforts of Mayor Raymond Chintall and Committeeman Cianfarini to bring what is right to West Deptford and to get rid of the Democratic machine and party bosses, which continue to be wrong for West Deptford.

Maryann Leone
West Deptford

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Wayne Klotz September 25, 2012 at 08:38 PM
you are joking right? ms.dicarlo did the numbers of th e Sunoco with or without a CPA license! can ray and Sam say the same thing? no they cannot because they had no clue on what to do! GOOD JOB,MS. DICARLO!!!
Truthnow September 25, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Madeline Fucci.....AMEN!!!
don keeler September 25, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Republican or Democrat...It doesn't matter as long as they are working for the good of West Deptford. What I have seen since moving here two years ago is nothing close to working together for the good of the citizens.
J F Rando September 27, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Mr. Klotz are you awake or hibernating? Mr Cianfarini made a power point (at Twp Meeting) presentation that spelled out the entire picture associated with the Sunoco fiasco that was a carryover from prior administrations. He developed the figures and prsented a picture of the pro's and con's. Ms DiCarlo did not get into the picture until some months later and I may add at the last minute. If you must express your self please back it up with fact. Mr Klutz you sound like the court jester.
John Hostettler September 27, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Lauren, why are you deleting posts that are legitimate concerns of the residents? very good article......... http://www.wdrealtruth.org/chintall-and-cianfarini-reinvent-the-wheel-again/


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