Letter: Kudos to Election Board for a Job Well Done

The letter writer, an Election Day poll worker, says the Gloucester County Board of Elections performed admirably under pressure.

To the Editor:

Now that the election as come to an end I feel the need to present a report card of how the Gloucester County Board of Election performed. Here is a county department that most people really don’t understand. People say to me, “When I visited the office, it always seems empty. Who works there? Where is everybody?” 

Let me tell you, someone was there, especially on election night. Having worked the polls that entire day I had the opportunity to call the Board of Elections about 25 times. Each time I called someone immediately picked up the phone and took my information, did some research and came back to me with a response in a timely manner.

This was compounded with the fact that I had lines of people waiting to vote and had to pull them out of line to take care of business, have them vote and send them on their way. No resident was disappointed.

Some people haven’t voted in more than five years, some were first-time voters, some never registered, some were in the wrong district, plus many name changes. All were taken care of with the help I received from the Gloucester County Board of Elections.

Bill Bondar 
West Deptford

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thefixisin November 10, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Wow Mr. Bondar, We praise that actually do their job. Could that be bercause we are use to those in the public sector not doing it????? Not here to doubt your claims but praise is usually meant for those that go above and beyond and are we sure the answers they gave you were the correct answers by the law or the correct answers for a party?
notagain November 12, 2012 at 06:16 PM
investigation for voter fraud coming to glouc county and surrounding towns especially WD


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