police corruption

If you have had a problem with the police using excessive force, breaking the law in the name of the law, using brutality, dishonest reports and taking things too far, etc,,,,,use the forum to expose and deal with this kind of injustice. This is not for criminals to spew out hatred toward cops, but for ppl who were innocent victims of a cop targeting them or using extreme measures in arrests or prosecution, doing the above mentioned. i want to help others and put a stop to this kind of intolerance and corruption by speaking out and encouraging others to speak out,,....NOT  fighting fire with fire or going around committing hate crimes of all kinds against cops, (esp those who have done no harm, just innocent ppl) due to bad experiences and bad cops who are not innocent......NO VIOLANCE NO HATE JUST SPEAKING OUT AGAINST POLICE AND JUDICIAL CORRUPTION. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT IT, NOT THROUGH VIOLANCE AND ACTING LIKE THE PERPATRATORS. NOT FOR VENGENANCE BUT TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC AND KEEP THE PUBLIC SAFE FROM CRIMINALS WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE AND PROTECT PPL NOT ABUSE THEIR PRIVILEDGE AND JOB TO MAKE PPL THEY DONT LIKE SUFFER,,,,,


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