Bottle Bomb Detonates in Freeholder Larry Wallace's Mailbox

No injuries or damage beyond the destroyed mailbox were reported in the Thursday morning incident.

Republican freeholder Larry Wallace had his mailbox bombed Thursday morning, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office confirmed.

A soda bottle bomb was detonated in Wallace's mailbox some time before 8 a.m., when it was reported to Woolwich Township police, who are currently investigating the incident along with the prosecutor's office.

Wallace: “”

There were no injuries or other damage resulting from the mailbox explosion, which happened about 100 feet away from Wallace's home. No similar incidents have been reported in the area, Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Bernie Weisenfeld said.

GCPO Det. Ron Koller, who is a member of Camden County’s regional bomb squad, collected the remnants of the mailbox for testing, Weisenfeld said.

Bottle bombs can be made from various household chemicals, which can cause an explosion when combined and shaken in a closed container.


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