Police Suspect Burglaries in Sherwood Court Are Related

Authorities believe two burglaries and one suspicious incident are connected, due to similar circumstances.

Police are currently investigating two burglaries and one suspicious incident, which they believe are all related. Police Chief Craig Mangano says the incidents are believed to be related due to the proximity of the incidents and the time frame in which they occurred.

The first burglary occurred on Sept. 21 on Ollerton Court and the second burglary on Friday, Sept. 28, on Barndale Road. Both homes are located in the Sherwood section of town.

In both homes, there was evidence of forced entry at the rear door. Mangano said all stolen items were in plain view from the front of the house, but declined to specify what items, due to the ongoing investigation.

Also, on Sept. 25, police respond to a suspicious incident located on the Sherwood West side of Ollerton Road. A the resident of the house reported being awoken by a noise, and seeing the subject standing at the back door of the home. However, once the resident got downstairs, he said the subject was gone.

All three incidents occurred around early morning.

“We are urging residents to make sure that doors and windows are locked,” says Mangano, who also urges all residents to maintain their security systems.

Currently, there is no description of the suspect or suspects, but residents are urged to call the investigative crime unit with any information regarding the investigation at 856-853-4599, ext 170.    


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