State Police: Fake Cop Kenneth DiLuigi Busted

DiLuigi allegedly impersonated a police officer and tried to pull over drivers on the Atlantic City Expressway last month.

A Sewell man who State Police said was impersonating a police officer on the Atlantic City Expressway last month was arrested early Monday morning.

Kenneth DiLuigi, 53, was nabbed at his home by state troopers following a three-week investigation into complaints by drivers about a suspicious unmarked car they said was trying to pull over cars on the expressway, police said.

Those complaints stemmed from several incidents on June 20, where police said DiLuigi’s green Ford Crown Victoria was spotted driving erratically on the expressway, forcing cars out of their lanes and attempting to stop them.

State Police obtained an arrest warrant from Superior Court Judge Walter L. Marshall Jr., and troopers from the State Police Fugitive Unit and the Atlantic City Expressway barracks arrested DiLuigi and impounded his Ford, which they said was equipped with emergency lights.

DiLuigi was charged with impersonating a police officer and was lodged in the Gloucester County jail in default of $10,000 bail.

State Police issued a statement reminding drivers that unmarked cars used for traffic enforcement are typically staffed by uniformed officers, and if there’s any suspicion about an unmarked police car, they recommended the following steps:

  • Slow down and put on your flashing hazard lights. This indicates to the police officer that you acknowledge their presence and are not eluding them.
  • Contact 911. Give them your location and describe your concerns.
  • Stop your vehicle in a well lit area with people around.
Jay July 17, 2012 at 01:36 PM
Not his first time impersonating an officer. And certainly not his first crime. He thinks he is above the law. Hopefully he stays where he belongs: in jail.


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