Washington Twp. Police Release Details on Moriarty DWI Arrest

The Fourth Legislative District assemblyman was arrested Tuesday afternoon on the Black Horse Pike.

Washington Township Police Department on Wednesday issued a brief press release detailing the afternoon on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Officer Joseph Dibuonaventura stopped Moriarty at 3:53 p.m. at 5651 Black Horse Pike, in the township's Turnersville section.

Moriarty indicated in a statement he issued Tuesday night around 9:40 that Dibuonaventura accused him of cutting off the officer's police cruiser in an intersection.

During the traffic stop, Moriarty was placed under arrest on the charge of driving while intoxicated. He subsequently refused a blood-alcohol content test at the police station.

In addition to the DWI charge, Dibuonaventura cited Moriarty for refusal to submit to blood-alcohol content testing and failure to maintain lane.

Moriarty was released pending an Aug. 8 court appearance.

Moriarty alleged in his statement Tuesday night that he was arrested after disputing the police officer's claim that he had cut off him off. He also denied that he had consumed any alcoholic beverages prior to his arrest.

"I disputed his assertion which led him to order me from my car, submit me to a field sobriety test and issue a summons for DUI," the statement reads.

Moriarty called his arrest an "abuse of power," and vowed to fight the charge.

In the Washington Township Police Department press release issued at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday, Chief Rafael Muniz acknowledged the accusations Moriarty made in his statement, and indicated that "all complaints made will be fully investigated as required by the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines."

Kristi Simpkins August 07, 2012 at 06:36 AM
If he's wrong for what he did then he's wrong. However from what it sounds like, this was an on going dispute between this officer & Mr. Moriarity. These two know each other from when Mr. Moriarity was in office for WT. He's also a very well known person in that township. Also it's been said that there are issues w/ this PO, & him performing his duties accordingly. That was all stated on a news website that I read when the story first came to light. That's isn't my opinion. IMHO however, I think this officer stepped way over his boundaries as a PO. I don't think Mr. Moriarty was in the wrong @ all. He may have been speeding or driving errationally. Who knows. That doesn't mean you arrest him on a DUI charge. What if he wasn't drinking? What then? To me he was wrong only for not taking the sobriety test. Then again if a person knows that they weren't drinking & they aren't drunk @ any time, then that shoudn't have to prove to that anyone. First off, I don't know how an officer can pull someone over for one thing, & then arrest them for something else. Like what happened here orginally in this case. Especially arrest them on DUI charge. How does this officer even know that he was drinking? Was he acting as though he was drinking? He pulled him out from his car. Did he seem drunk? It's like getting pulled over for speeding but then giving that person a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. This story sounds really fishy. Hopefully this story will be updated.
JOHN BURNS August 07, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Kristi Simpkins August 08, 2012 at 02:37 AM
John, Refusal means to refuse. To reject. That doesn't mean Mr. Moriarty was in any way drunk. I still don't think he was guilty of anything. This sounds like the PO knew him, doesn't like him for whatever reason & wanted to go after him every which way. No news story &/or report ever implied that Mr. Moriarty was drunk. Because he most likely wasn't. There's definately more to this story that we're not hearing. IMO I think the PO just overstepped his boundaries as a PO. To me this is a case of abuse of power. Nothing more.


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