5 Things You Need to Know: Township Committee Meeting

Township committee votes to appoint a new patrolman, municipal alliance coordinator and interim prosecutor.

Missed the Jan. 17 township committee meeting? No worries. Here are the five things you need to know: 

1. A resolution appointing Thomas M. McWain Jr. as a patrolman in the West Deptford Police Department passed unanimously by the committee. Mayor Raymond Chintall announced that while McWain is currently a South Harrison officer, he has local roots—growing up in West Deptford and graduating from West Deptford High School. West Deptford Police Chief Craig Mangano made the recommendation to hire McWain.

A number of McWain’s family members were in attendance, along with members of the West Deptford Police Department, who offered congratulatory handshakes after McWain was sworn in.

2. West Deptford may soon get a second dump truck after township committee approved the lease or purchase of a heavy duty cab and chassis from Robert H. Hoover & Sons for $88,779. Acting public works manager Ed Coates explained that after one of department’s trucks broke down, the department was left with only one dump truck that is more than 16 years old. With some refurbishing and the installation of a hook-lift mechanism, the chassis would give the public works department a second functioning truck, Coates said.

3. Sgt. John Chambers of the West Deptford Police Department was appointed as the township’s new municipal alliance coordinator after a unanimous vote by the committee. Chambers was recommended to Chintall by Mangano. Before voting, Committeeman Samuel Cianfarini said he was very impressed with Chambers' resume.

4. Committeewoman Denice DiCarlo rehashed old sentiments after the committee motioned to appoint an acting interim prosecutor for 2013. When DiCarlo asked why Holston, MacDonald, Uzdavinis, Ziegler & Lodge could not find a replacement in light of Augusta Pistilli-Beakley’s leave, township solicitor Anthony Ogolzalek explained the firm was just in an unusual circumstance where they were unable to find a replacement for the position. Upon more discussion, DiCarlo expressed her disappointment that committee had voted down Kelly Conroy at the township’s reorganization meeting.

Eventually, John Moustakas of the law office of Brian J. Duffield was appointed by the committee by a 3-2 vote—with both DiCarlo and Committeewoman Donna Syzmborski voting against the resolution. 

5. After amending the resolution, the township committee voted to authorize professional services for a township financial consultant for 2013. DiCarlo said she felt the contract for PM Consultants outsourced the entire financial department. In addition, DiCarlo also expressed concerns on how the township would police expenses that accrue. Township administrator Eric Campo said he would be in charge of overseeing any work the firm does for the township and the firm would assist on items such as the 2013 budget and 2012 general ledger.

However, DiCarlo continued to press on why there was no limitation to the contract. After consulting with Campo, Cianfarini motioned to amend the agreement with a sunset clause for June 30 and not exceeding $50,000, with the understanding that the committee will expect monthly status updates. Cianfarini also stated that he would like to see the 2012 general ledger—or at least the framework of it—by Jan. 30. 


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