Chintall Urges WD Residents to Reflect in the Wake of Sandy

The mayor uses the township committee meeting to extend praise and gratitude to all who played a part in hurricane preparations and cleanup.

Opening the Thursday, Nov. 1 township committee meeting, Mayor Raymond Chintall had many thanks and praise for the number of volunteers and officials who lent a hand in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, along with providing an overview of the damage within the township.

Although a devastating and destructive force in other parts of the state, Chintall announced that not a single township building, structure, field or vehicle sustained any damage, and there had been no breach in the township‘s water supply. Most importantly, there were no reports of an injury to a single resident during the storm.   

“For us, as residents of West Deptford Township, we are fortunate and blessed by the minimal effect of Hurricane Sandy,” said Chintall.

Though the community experienced downed trees, phone poles, phone lines and power, Chintall stated that this "paled in comparison to the destruction of the hurricane, that devastated towns throughout the state." Chintall went on to remind the residents of West Deptford to keep those who lost everything in their thoughts. 

“The West Deptford government was as prepared as a municipality can be,” said Chintall.

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, several meetings between Chintall and department heads, including the township administrator, police chief, OEM coordinator and deputy mayor, helped to coordinate emergency plans. 

In addition, all township committee members visited the Red Cross shelter, set up in West Deptford High School. The shelter, housed approximately 40 people as the storm passed through on Tuesday, Oct. 30. 

Speaking highly of the American Red Cross and their efforts in West Deptford, Chintall encouraged residents to volunteer with the organization or donate if they could not find the time. Chintall also expressed intentions of coordinating an organized relief effort, which would help to raise money for the American Red Cross and other similar agencies. 

During the meeting the township passed a resolution to amend the special curfew—originally intended for mischief night and Halloween, to be moved to Nov. 4 and Nov. 5. Chintall cited the executive order from Governor Chris Christie as an explanation for the postponement.

In addition, Chintall also announced to residents Christie’s latest executive order which places limitations on water usage throughout the state. The order calls for minimum water usage among residents and businesses in order to secure a water supply across New Jersey. Any person who is found to violate the order can be subjected to a penalty. Chintall agreed that a link for the entire ordinance would be posted on the township’s website, following a suggestion by Township Administrator Eric Campo.   

“We should proceed promptly through the agenda, so we can go home, be thankful, appreciate what we have, be compassionate and understanding, say a prayer or a moment of silence and convey that to all of our family members,” said Chintall.

With very little on the agenda, the township committee adjourned the meeting only 40 minutes after it began—a marked changed from recent hours-long meetings. The bulk of the meeting provided the members of the committee with an opportunity to thank certain individuals who played a part in preparation and response to Hurricane Sandy.  

Robert Bastow November 02, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Why doesnt the Mayor reflect on this time last year when him and Sam put out that 20 point plan that they continue to ignore? They are quickly becoming the Kings of Pay-to-Play in South Jersey politics and blatantly lie to the pubic at every meeting. Why doesn't the mayor use some of his big pension payout and donate himself?
Truthnow November 02, 2012 at 03:08 PM
I attended last night's meeting, and, personally, I think the Mayor, and, the entire committee are to be commended for working together before, during, and, after Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Chintall showed his capability as Mayor of our town by his leadership during a time when we could have been on the wrong side of the storm. Count your blessings, Robert, and, thank the Lord we were spared the devastation that so many people in NJ have sustained.
Duchess November 02, 2012 at 03:32 PM
I was there too and want to thank the Mayor for his committment and leadership during and after Hurricane Sandy, I believe Mayor Chintall is proving to be a great asset to our community. I find is unbelievable that Mr Bastow is still putting down our committee and churning up things of no relevance whatsoever when half of our state is in devastation and many lives have been lost, get a life Mr Bastow and get your priorities in line. Mayor Chintall and Sam are good, honest, hard working men that want the best for this town and are not in this position to line their own pockets unlike the previous administration.
ThomasJefferson November 02, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Duchess, why do you accept out and out lies by Chintall and Cianfarini, I was at the debate last year, there is a video tape, and both stated unequivocally that accepting campaign donations from paid vendors was immoral, corrupt and a obstacle to open government, THEY said it, no one else did. You can go online to NJELEC and look at the campaign donations, there isn't a vendor that DID NOT donate this years and Mark Cimino is in the $10,000's over 3 reporting periods. Just an out and out lie and a disgrace that they just shrug it off. There isnt anything on their list of 20 points that they have accomplished. They also promised not to raise taxes. How's that working out????
ThomasJefferson November 02, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Very good coverage WDPAtch, but you failed to report again on the threatening and inane rants of J. Rando, master bully of the Republican party. He likes to bully women and he "wants blood". I think he should be banned from public meetings, he may be serious in his threats.


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