DiCarlo Hopes to Make Voice Heard More During Next Term

After winning a very tight committee race against GOP nominee Jeff Hansen, Denice DiCarlo looks forward to becoming a bigger voice on the township committee.

As Tuesday night's election results trickled into Democratic headquarters at the Verga Fire Company, the mood of incumbent Committeewoman Denice DiCarlo was ever-changing.

First relief, then a little bit of worrying, some cautious optimism and as, she received news that she had defeated Republican challenger Jeff Hansen, joy.

But the final emotion that seemed to take over DiCarlo was a fiery sense of determination that she was going to be more involved in 2013 and make her voice heard better.

That was her message before family, friends and fellow Democrats during her victory speech, as she exclaimed that West Deptford is “our town and we need to take it back.”

The Democratic voice has been stifled somewhat since the Republicans were able to gain a majority on the township committee last year. DiCarlo and fellow Democrat Donna Szymborski hope that they will have more of a say on the committee next year.

“I'm a huge asset to the committee,” said DiCarlo. “I just hope this year that they utilize me.”

Szymborski was especially happy with DiCarlo's win. A loss by DiCarlo would have left Szymborski as the lone Democrat left on the township committee and she could have been powerless being outnumbered 4-1.

“I'm just so thrilled,” said Szymborski when asked about how she felt after DiCarlo's election. “Denice is such a great person to work with; her and I have worked very well together.”

There's a chance that tensions may still run high between Republicans and Democrats on the township committee after a campaign season that was highlighted by the GOP accusing DiCarlo of not having a CPA license and an election that was decided by a mere 99 votes. And Hansen is not ready to concede the race, given the slim margin of victory.

DiCarlo said that she is determined to put the accusations of the past few months behind her and move on. 

"I'm not the type of person who holds grudges, you can ask any of my family members or my friends,” said DiCarlo. “I'm really glad that the campaigning is over, because from Labor Day on, it was a distraction. We need to get back to governing.”

While she didn't specifically say that she wanted to be the finance chair on township committee next year, DiCarlo did admit she wants to be a lot more involved in the finances of West Deptford. DiCarlo was in charge of Public Works in 2012.

“I think there's a lot of financial things that I can bring to the town,” she said. “My background is in finance, so that's the thing I think we need the most.”

The most important thing for DiCarlo and Szymborski, though, is to make a positive impact on the township in 2013. With two seats up for election next year, the hope in the party is that a good 2013 will lead to a Democratic majority in the committee again following next year's election.

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Walter Frockmorton November 10, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Sorry Proud D, but the vaughness of the description of where the money went lacks the details needed. I'm not buying it and I'm hoping the committee will stand up for the taxpayers. It seems to me that everybody that comments about this in defense of the previous administration has some skin in the game.
Proud D November 10, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Walter, the issue IS NOT whether or not the money is missing. The money has been accounted for, Mark Cimino just thinks the Township shouldn't have to repay it. That is the issue and Fulton Bank and the Township will both be able to have their day in court to argue their case. Believe me, as a tax payer in this town if the Township can away from that debt I am all for it. However, these claims of "missing" money have to stop. At a minimum the people who read about it have to understand where those claims are coming from: Sam, Ray, Denny,... The money is not missing. If there was you better bet someone would be in jail. My point here is in no way a defense of the previous administration. I am simply pointing out the fact that the Republicans in this town are doing anything they can to get an attention grabbing headline, even where there are no facts to support their claims.
Walter Frockmorton November 11, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Sorry proud D, the semantics are not adequate for the average taxpayer that wants to be informed. The term missing (from the banks perspective) is not correct. They fulfilled their obligation. But from the taxpayers standpoint, grossly lacks the transparency needed for a proper accounting. The people deserve better; and i support all committee members that will provide it, regardless of party. Walt
noresponsenovote November 15, 2012 at 01:53 PM
I'm a 17 year WD resident, a registered D and moderately liberal. The last Republicans I voted for were Ray and Sam, and before that, Ronald Reagan in 1980. I voted for them because I found the White-Shields-Cobb-Dacimo-Symborski-Hauser- et al group to be nothing more than a clique who favored their pals while treating the remaining 19,900 residents like they didn't exist. Phoney smiles, BS responses, raised taxes, fraud, you name it. And the only reason no one's in jail - yet - is because they haven't been caught - yet, but I digress. Chintall and Cianfarini turned out to be little more than grandstanders, doing whatever they can to create friction, tension, disruption and dispute - but never really doing anything to solve any problems. They publicaly call for unity, then do everything in contrary. DiCarlo, while smart and ascertive, can't seem to stop stretching the truth about her education and professional credentials. The other two on the committee seemimgly just occupy a seat and will continue to blindly support their party peer(s). I suspect both will be gone at the end of their respective terms.
noresponsenovote November 15, 2012 at 01:53 PM
But as to DiCarlo, if she could stop inflating her resume' long enough to concentrate on the job, there's a chance she could effect some positive change. These days, numerous informed and bipartisan (like myself) residents are paying attention, and when a progressive and positive issue is brought forward by any member, regardless of party, and another committee member opposes it based on nothing more than party politics - EVERY resident of this township, regardless of party affliation, should make their voices heard. Recently DiCarlo proposed an ordinance that would require a minimum amount of time (5 days I believe, could be wrong) for committee members to share documents and agenda information with fellow committee members. This is a good idea and is bipartisan in scope and nature. Unfortunately, Ray and Sam oppose the idea. WHY??!! Is it because they like surprising and shocking the audience with their Roman galdiator-like theatrics in effort to repalce substance and progress with entertainment so that voters will be distracted from the real problems? What's so wrong about a little advanced notice? Nothing. And so therefore, on THIS issue, I ask all you Republican supporters: WHY would you support Ray and Sam on this issue, when it would benefit ALL of the committee, and the township?


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