No Changes in Zoning Board Reorganization

McManamy, Robinson and Dahmer all return to their positions atop the zoning board as no changes were made from the 2012 appointments.

Prior to what was , the zoning board also had its reorganization meeting on Tuesday night.

Michael McManamy was unanimously re-elected as chairman of the board in a 7-0 vote. It'll be McManamy's second year as chairman; he was first appointed in 2012. On Tuesday night, McManamy had little to do, as he stepped down during the T-Mobile application since he lives within 200 feet of the proposed site.

In the other seats, Jim Robinson was re-appointed as the vice-chairman once again, Charles Dahmer will return as secretary and John Alice was again appointed as solicitor. Engineer Stan Bitgood and planner Jay Petrongolo were also re-appointed for 2013.

The schedule for zoning board meetings will remain the same in 2013 as it was last year, with meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. Outside of the T-Mobile application, no other business was heard on Tuesday night.

seehtrusmoke January 11, 2013 at 11:35 AM
This mess started in 2010, a 7-0 vote from board then to approve. Then in 2011 the same board voted 7-0 to deny. Went to court and we lost with the help of some procedural things that were done. Came back in 2012 and the board voted no again and now to now, board voted again. Not sure what is the right direction here but putting a cell tower right in the middle of residential areas can not be a good idea. What is weird, is on all these 4 votes, some of the same members are are still on the board and each vote they took, they changed their vote. Kinda weird no? Makes one wonder what goes on in the back rooms of local government. Also curious, though I am sure it is politics, all the township professionals are picked? Seems like some of these professionals should be changed if for nothing else to see if we can get a new perspective on an old issue that won't go away


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