Primary Preview: Polling Places

As you head to the polls today, here's a look at where you'll be voting.

Not sure where you’re voting in today’s primary? Here’s a list of polling locations, along with the map of districts, to help you find out where to vote.

 District 1: 
–400 Crown Point Rd.

District 2: 
Red Bank Scout Building–
Red Bank and Hessian avenues

District 3: –611 Academy Ave.

District 4: 
 –31 Budd Blvd.

District 5: 
–350 DuBois Ave.

District 6: –31 
Budd Blvd.

District 7: –Firehouse Lane

District 8: 
–192 Philadelphia Ave.

District 9: –611 Academy Ave.

District 10: –350 DuBois Ave.

District 11: –15 Hill Ln.

District 12: –15 Hill Ln.

District 13: 
–400 Crown Point Rd.

District 14: 
–675 Grove Rd.

District 15: 
–192 Philadelphia Ave.

District 16: 
–Firehouse Lane

District 17: 
–675 Grove Rd.

District 18: 
–675 Grove Rd.

District 19: –675 Grove Rd.


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