Senator Menendez: Don't Go Back to 'Failed' Republican Policies

Menendez, who will lead New Jersey's delegation to the Democratic National Convention, says voters have a clear choice and a proven track record with President Obama.

As U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) attends the Democratic National Convention this week, he wants voters to know they have a clear choice between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

"(Obama) inherited the Bush Great Recession, the new Depression, businesses that made risky bets with two wars raging abroad, while millions of people in our country go to sleep every night without health care insurance," said Menendez—the state delegation's honorary chairman—of the failures of the Bush administration and the progress made under Obama.

Menendez touted Obama's achievements that include, despite opposition in the House and Senate, include passing historic health care legislation, ending the war in Iraq, giving college Pell grants and keeping student loan rates low.

Voters shouldn't be fooled by Republican candidates' promises, because they've heard them before, the senator added.

"We understand the critical nature of this election, which way the country goes, under the Romney and Ryan vision that you're on your own," Menendez said. "What we don't want to do is go back to the policies of Romney and Ryan, risky bets, collective debt, ending medicare as Romney and Ryan promote a voucher program—we could end up in another war like Iraq."

The New Jersey convention delegation is a diverse group that represents the multiculturalism of the state, Menendez said. Delegates include Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Digna Townsend of Glassboro and Logan Mayor Frank Minor.

"The New Jersey Democrats will feel their spunk, we'll show the real Jersey that we represent. The state has shown in the polling it believes in the vision of the Democrats," he said. "I'm feeling optimistic, I'm feeling the electricity."

"I'm looking forward to the president and Joe Biden—to remind the American people what we've inherited, what we've achieved and where we can lead the country in the next four years."

Occupant September 04, 2012 at 11:42 AM
Democrats want the votes of everyone to count, from U.S. citizens to illegal aliens and lawfully disenfranchised felons. Corrupt Democratic election officials routinely expand the electorate, accepting votes from the under-aged and the dead. That’s why they collectively freak out when the topic of voter photo ID comes up, advancing the most ridiculous arguments against ID requirements. The poor, minorities, and the old are too dumb and frail to acquire photo ID – even though getting by without it is impossible in modern society. The Democratic Party of today does not believe in democracy in the way the term is used in America. If Democrats win, it’s a fine example of democracy in action. If they lose, they claim that democracy has been undermined and usually some cabal of corporate villains in a smoke-filled backroom is to blame for the injustice. Democracy isn’t a fixed concept in the minds of Democrats: it’s whatever they say it is.
Tom Stanton September 04, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Well said Occupant! Another line of thought is that Menendez points out that we were involved in 2 wars while Americans went to bed without insurance. As I recall, both the Democrats and Republicans voted to go to war while under the Bush presidency. I don't recall such a vote under the Obama presidency when it came to Syria and Lybia. At least the declaration of war is constitutional. Show me where it says that our government has the power to tax its citizens in order to provide health care and be involved in student loans. Our founding fathers would be embarassed by the perversion of the constitution.
Ernest Kraus September 04, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Robert Menendez is another career politician; starting with the dual roles as mayor of Union City, NJ and the NJ state legislature in 1986 until the present day. When did he ever have a real job? Senator Menendez has never had to do a business plan or make a payroll. He is the typical "tax and spend" liberal politician. He has been part of the US Senate starting in 2005 that has increased spending. He continues to blame Bush even though Obama has been president for more then 3 1/2 years. He has been part of a senate that has yet to produce a budget. It is time for him to either retire or be retired red by the voters.
Ski Ulinski September 04, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Menendez is more worried about helping ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS then he is in American citizens. They come with many children bloated belies and spawn in our country while exhausting our treasury. For democrats to claim Republicans are going to destroy medicare after taking 716 billion to fund looney tunes obamascare why don't dolts wake the hell up
Ski Ulinski September 04, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Lautenberg is a mental corpse time for him to go also


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