Sunoco Eagle Point Demolition Slated for Saturday

Government officials say the process is controlled and has been cleared as safe by both the West Deptford construction code official and fire marshal.

The Sunoco Eagle Point refinery in West Deptford. Credit: Bryan Littel.
The Sunoco Eagle Point refinery in West Deptford. Credit: Bryan Littel.
It's only estimated to take about two minutes to complete, but a demolition project at the Sunoco Eagle Point refinery in West Deptford has already got neighbors talking.

Slated for Saturday morning, the refinery will conduct "a controlled implosion of its fractionator...one tower and one chimney, which will last about two minutes in duration," according to a statement from the township.

The same statement notes that West Deptford Police and firefighters from the Verga and Colonial Manor Fire Departments will be on hand as a precaution.

But some residents in nearby National Park have been talking about the scheduled demolition since last week with no small bit of worry.

A closed-group Facebook post from the National Park town watch that was forwarded to West Deptford Patch warned residents to "stay inside" during the implosion.

It also encouraged them to rinse off their cars and door handles, "whatever to keep it from getting on you or being tracked into your home."

The author of the post, who was not identified, decried a lack of advance notice about the process.

As if in acknowledgment of the chatter, the statement from West Deptford government noted that the premises have been inspected by its construction code official, Phil Zimm, and fire marshal, John Austin.

Both certified that the site had been cleared of asbestos and that "no public health concern is present with this demolition," according to the statement.

"Part of that permitting process is to remediate the proposed site for the implosion of all asbestos material before any demolition can take place," the statement said.

"That remediation work was performed by Sunoco through NCM Demolition & Remediation, LP and was monitored by Accredited Environmental Technologies, Inc., which is an approved OSHA Monitor."

Stick with Patch for more follow-up, including our explainer on what's happening with the entire demolition project.
Harry Knowles January 25, 2014 at 09:18 AM
Well it's over....... Very quiet, no dust. Really a sad day if you think about it. That facility use to pump a couple hundred million into the local economy and gone. It's going to snow today, can we get back to bitching about snow, leaves pick up and how not raising our taxes is a bad thing????
Nancy Barna January 25, 2014 at 09:30 AM
Glad you personally know everyone's medical history. Dad never smoked a day in his life, nor does anyone in our family. Secondly, the company my father worked for admitted they hid the dangers of asbestos AND the doctor's reports and chest x-rays from all of the employees affected for a refinery in another county. Millions of dollars were paid out to those affected, some died before their cases settled. That was all about lack of transparency. As far as people "bitching". Number one, I am a lady and don't use that type of language. This is only the second subject that I have posted comments in the entire time this site existed. Yes, people use it to vent. Using it to inform on a subject that has directly affected you is far more productive. We"ll need to see how things play out over the next several years. As a paralegal, I worked on multiple contamination cases. The statistics would shock you. So, you see, I m not randomly posting to complain, rather than inform. You can Google NJ Superfund an the list appears. Sunoco and Sovey Solex, among others, are on it. Here is the linkhttp://www.epa.gov/region02/waste/fscoasta.htm What's done is done...
zeke carey January 27, 2014 at 02:10 PM
Nancy I know you have a gripe but where were you when asbestos was running rampant thru-out the refinery when Texaco and coastal owned it. you never realized how many fires and breakdowns occurred without anyone being notified. what about the naval shipyard where asbestos was all around. asbestos isn't the problem it's the cigarettes and tobacco industry that's the problem. did you know today the Marlboro man that was on the tv and packs of cigarettes died from a smoking related illness GO FIGURE. AND JUST THINK IN THE LATE 1800'S IT WAS A AMUSEMANT PARK.


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