West Deptford Officially Snuffs This Year's Fireworks

Committee decided to cut its losses on the fireworks display, canceled by bad weather at West Deptford Fun Day.


Pack up your lawn chair and put away your blankets—West Deptford won’t be seeing the big colorful booms of fireworks anytime soon.

Following the postponement of the West Deptford Fun Day fireworks on Sept. 8, township committee had a decision to make: reschedule or throw in the towel for this year.

After much speculation over what should be done with the postponed fireworks, the township committee passed a motion Oct. 4 to end the town's contractual obligation with the company.

West Deptford will still take a financial hit, but not one as big if the fireworks went off. Mayor Raymond Chintall said it costs $2,500 to end contractual obligations with the fireworks company, as opposd to $5,000 to shoot off the fireworks at a West Deptford event.

The money saved already has a potential destination. Chintall said the RiverWinds Community Center's pools need a new heater to replace a malfunctioning one. The new heater costs around $18,000—an expense that could benefit from some of the money saved from ending the fireworks contract, the mayor said. 

“Personally, for five minutes of excitement, I'd rather have heated water,” Chintall said.  

Even after the windy, wet weather at Fun Day, officials were searching for another fireworks opportunity. Some floated the high school football team's first home game or homecoming, but the fire chief advised against it because of noise in a residential area.

West Deptford was up against an Oct. 30 deadline to go through with the fireworks or pay the cancellation fee, making talks of choosing another holiday or RiverWinds event to have the display unworkable.

Committeeman Samuel Cianfarini made the motion to end contractual obligations for fireworks, after Chintall spoke on the matter. The motion passed unanimously, pending review of the provisions.

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Bill Bondar October 06, 2012 at 11:43 AM
The one thing I couldn't understand was why the contractor couldn't extend the fireworks rain date to next years event. If we have been a good customer in dealing with this company in the past, the contractor could have just re-scheduled the event for next year. Now, that the township is pushed into a corner to make a quick decision or forfeit the deposit, he loses out completely for all future events. He has half the money in his pocket already, whats the rush?
drippingfaucet October 06, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Its called a contract.......happens in the business world all the time. As I understand it he extended the terms of the contract to try to help the town. I am guessing the $2,500 is for the materials they purchase and the other $2,500 was the labor to set off. Its not a big deal, a decision was made to spend that money somewhere else where needed and all of the committee agreed. This is what we need more of not nonsense of he said she said. The residents voted for change, not just change of parties. Things are better, we certainly no more but even after the election, whoever wins, we have a town, with many issues to run and all this useless BS will help with none of it. Sorry for the rant


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