Veterans to Receive Gloucester County Military Medal

The county service medal will be presented to 118 veterans Saturday at RiverWinds.

More than 100 veterans will receive the Gloucester County Military Service Medal in the 11th annual ceremony at 11 a.m. Saturday at .

In all, 118 medals, including 19 posthumously, will be presented to veterans from throughout the county.

“This ceremony is always a humbling experience,” said Freeholder Director Robert Damminger. “The men and women we honor at the ceremony are always so grateful for receiving their medal, but it is the rest of us who are so thankful for their service. Our veterans’ service allows us all to enjoy the freedoms we have.”

The county medal was commission and designed in 2001, and all veterans who have served on active duty and have received an honorable discharge are eligible for the award. Over the 11-year span, more than 5,000 medals have been awarded.

The hourlong ceremony is open to the public, and will be overseen by Marine Chief Warrant Officer John W. Robertson Jr., who will present the medals to the veterans.

The following individuals will receive medals this year:

  • Dale L.­ Archer–Mickleton
  • Carlo O. Avellino–Deptford
  • Harold F. Bardsley Jr.–Williamstown
  • David J. Barko–Monroeville
  • Edward F. Behm–Mullica Hill
  • John C. Betz III–Sewell
  • Anthony T. Biscardi Jr.–Bridgeport
  • Anthony T. Biscardi Sr.–Bridgeport*
  • Waldemar J. Blaschke–Sewell
  • Gary Bradly–West Deptford*
  • Harry D. Burman III–Woolwich Twp.
  • Anthony K. Butler–Turnersville
  • George E. Butt–Sewell
  • George H. Carney Sr.–West Deptford*
  • Dan E. Carroll–West Deptford
  • David N. Carter–Glassboro
  • John F. Cerkez–Deptford
  • William C. Chambers Jr.–Gibbstown
  • Harry T. Chanudet–Sewell*
  • Robert R. Chickelero–Williamstown
  • John P. Collins–Paulsboro
  • Joseph A. Conway–Thorofare
  • Michael Coppinger–Sewell
  • Donald U. Dade–Sewell
  • Alexander W. De Putron–West Deptford
  • Michael Delquadro–Clarksboro
  • Joseph W. Dow–Sewell*
  • David H. Dreher–West Deptford
  • Joseph R. Drinkhouse–West Deptford
  • Shaun M. Eagan–Williamstown
  • William E. Epley–Franklinville
  • Robert J. Fanslau Jr.–Thorofare
  • Ned Felici–Sewell
  • Anthony T. Ferrante–Thorofare*
  • Robert A. Flocco–Woodbury Heights
  • William A. Florsheim–Pitman*
  • William E. Fox Jr.–Gibbstown*
  • Harry E. Frank Jr.–Williamstown*
  • Robert R. Friedel–Woodbury*
  • Pedro Gacutan Jr.–Clayton
  • Sean P. Gatz–Turnersville
  • Joseph J. Gazzara Sr.–Sewell
  • George J. Gennaoui–Glassboro
  • Lawrence G. Goldberg–Sewell
  • Stephen P. Grady–Sewell
  • Joseph J. Green Sr.–Woodbury
  • Larry Green–Clayton
  • Irving Gutin–Deptford
  • William H. Hadden Jr.–Glassboro*
  • Richard W. Hancock–Monroeville
  • Nancy A. Hatz–Clayton
  • Daniel E. Haury Sr.–Pitman
  • Timothy M. Jayne–Pitman
  • Joseph F. Keen–Woodbury*
  • Paul P. Kennedy Sr.–Williamstown
  • Chad D. Kent–Gibbstown
  • Paul F. Krwawecz–Sewell
  • William C. Lang–Deptford
  • Eugene Lanning–Westville
  • Lloyd E. Larue–Mantua
  • John A. Little–Sewell
  • John Lu Kasiewicz–Williamstown
  • Judson T. Lyons–Wenonah*
  • Robert Mai Sr.–Williamstown
  • Raymond A. Mc Cann–Swedesboro
  • Ray Mc Ilwaine–Swedesboro
  • John Mc Keown–Westville
  • Albert E. Meihofer–Sewell
  • Charles E. Mitchell Sr.–Pitman
  • Michael C. Mitchell Jr.–Deptford
  • Chester W. Mocheski–Cecil
  • Daniel G. Morlachetta–Clarksboro
  • Daniel L. Morlachetta–Clarksboro*
  • Neil R. Mosbarger–Sewell
  • Lewis T. Munoz–Logan Township*
  • Michael A. Murphy–Franklinville
  • Stephen M. Nathanson–Clayton
  • William W. Nickerson–Swedesboro
  • Peter J. O'Brien Jr. –Williamstown
  • Aaron J. Parker Sr.–Pitman
  • Ralph J. Pawlowski Jr.–Clarksboro
  • Rene Perez–Turnersville*
  • David Porter–Logan Township
  • Sandie D. Porter–Logan Township
  • Robert J. Price–West Deptford
  • Joseph R. Pritchett Jr.–Oaklyn
  • Joseph R. Pritchett Sr.–Oaklyn*
  • William A. Pushkar–Mullica Hill
  • Ramon S. Putnam–Woodbury
  • James E. Ramsey–Sewell
  • Harley B. Reeder–Woodbury Heights
  • Mark T. Ruggiero–Franklinville
  • Robert A. Sarlo–Woodbury*
  • Alfred K. Schoenberg–Glassboro
  • Hugo M. Schoenberg–Pitman
  • Felix Serrano Jr.–National Park
  • Sherman W. Shidner–Swedesboro
  • John P. Shields–Thorofare*
  • Willcie T. Spencer–National Park
  • Sidney Stern–Wenonah
  • James H. Stewart–Clayton
  • Stephen L. Stippick–West Deptford
  • Clarence C. Storms Sr.–Deptford
  • Thomas R. Stuart–Pitman
  • Joseph H. Taylor–Deptford
  • Victor J. Tedesco–Deptford
  • Oria H. Todd–Sewell
  • Donald A. Trout–Mullica Hill
  • Frederick F. Wagner–Sewell
  • George W. Wagoner–Woodbury
  • Walding, Jeffrey G. Jr. Clayton
  • John A. Washington Jr.–Wenonah
  • Richard H. Weiner–Turnersville
  • Edward P. White–Pitman
  • William H. Wightman–Franklinville
  • April D. Williams–Sicklerville
  • Joseph A. Yankowski–South Harrison
  • Thomas L. Zuccarini–Franklinville

*indicates medal will be awarded posthumously.

SHARON LEWIS September 24, 2012 at 04:22 PM
I accepted an award for my husband posthumously and his namw was not mentioned Michael R. Lewis-US ARMY VIETNAM
Lauren Burgoon September 24, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Hi Sharon, This is the 2011 list, but it's a good reminder that we need to run the 2012 list of honorees, which we will do tomorrow. Thank you!


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