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West Deptford Committee Reacts to Re-Org Appointments

Newly appointed township administrator Brandon Umba and CFO William Pine will be expected to produce results, said Mayor Ray Chintall.

Local scout troops from West Deptford served as standard-bearers at the January 2014 reorganization meeting of the township committee. Credit: Matt Skoufalos.
Local scout troops from West Deptford served as standard-bearers at the January 2014 reorganization meeting of the township committee. Credit: Matt Skoufalos.
When asked what his expectations are for Brandon Umba, newly minted acting township administrator for West Deptford, Mayor Ray Chintall did not mince words.

"Get business into West Deptford," he said.

Despite Umba's limited public service resume, which was the subject of some discussion at the 2014 reorganization meeting of municipal government in which he was named to the post, Chintall said he had full confidence in his appointee. 

"He'd better deliver the same kind of service I expect any administrator would deliver to the position," Chintall said.

Umba, who offered, wryly, to provide a copy of his resume to Patch, said he plans to tread lightly in the post until he gets the lay of the land.

Umba did point out that his prior experience in the township included years of service as a volunteer firefighter as well as a worker in the West Deptford summer recreation program.

"I'm looking forward to serving my hometown," he said.

'We wanted to put a CMFO in this year'

Chintall was similarly plain-spoken about the committee decision to replace CFO Brenda Sprigman, a Republican appointee who had fallen out of favor in recent months.

"Her term ended December 31," Chintall said. "We wanted to put a CMFO in this year."

That's a departure from the party line delivered at Sprigman's appointment just nine months ago, when West Deptford Republicans were prepared to support Sprigman's on-the-job training and allowing her to sit for her certification exam this spring.

"Fifty percent of the New Jersey CMFOs are maintaining a [general ledger] in an inappropriate way," Committeeman Sam Cianfarini said at the time.

"To say that 'you don't have a municipal certification, you're not qualified for the job' is ludicrous," he'd said.

Cianfarini, who has declined to speak on the record to Patch since the November elections, once again failed to offer comment on the proceedings.

When asked whether Republican appointee William Pine, the current CFO of Woolwich Township, could effectively balance the books in West Deptford in 20 hours per week—the full-time Sprigman had needed the assistance of financial consultants—Chintall said that would be up to Pine to manage.

"I anticipate installing an assistant and treasurer," he said.

Chintall was similarly cagey about whether Pine, who serves as the CFO of a town without a general ledger, would be up to the task of maintaining one in West Deptford.

In August, Chintall had pointed to the township's new general ledger as one of the indicators of its increasing financial stability in the face of threatened government financial supervision.

On Thursday, however, the mayor said, "I don't know what determines a general ledger."

Newly appointed committeemen Jeff Hansen and Jerry Maher were equally reticent when asked about their plans for the coming months.

Hansen said he has "some ideas" based upon his experience with the RiverWinds Advisory Board, and said he hopes to help bring the facility, which he described as the crown jewel"of the township, into greater fiscal solvency.

Maher, a veteran firefighter who will focus foremost on the public safety needs of West Deptford, said his first priority is to "figure out how the town operates" from the other side of the dais, the better to help improve its emergency preparedness.
Wayne Klotz January 03, 2014 at 12:11 PM
What a joke this will turn out to be! Umba as township administrator takes a lot of Experience which Umba does not! Why is he in this position? Because he was campaign manager for Hansen&Maher, that's why! What's wrong with this picture? What's a matter, Gentelmen! No body else even given a chance to apply?
Harry Knowles January 03, 2014 at 01:38 PM
Hmmmmm, Wayne I was at the meeting last night and don't recall you stepping up to the mic and ask these questions? What's the matter Wayne???? Grow some.
Wayne Klotz January 03, 2014 at 02:46 PM
Harry know it all; how come you didn't ask that wonderful question? Amazing how you sound like you think Umba will do good. Do you think so? I'll bet you do!!
Gary Kuehnapfel January 03, 2014 at 04:23 PM
To Harry Knowles: Your party has the right to give a job to who ever they want. They won the election and that is their right! However you criticized Wayne & myself for getting our jobs the exact same way Brandon Umba did and our salaries combined will not equal what will he will be getting.
Harry Knowles January 04, 2014 at 07:39 AM
Rightfully so
Larry Mertz January 04, 2014 at 08:07 AM
this is a mess and u taxpayers are really going to hit hard this year its all about the boys in charge sit back and injoy your money being ripoff
Harry Knowles January 04, 2014 at 02:32 PM
Hahahahahahahahaha Larry , a new name to the bashers.
Wayne Klotz January 05, 2014 at 03:30 PM
Occupant; are you talking about the 140 million that Mark Cimino tried to say was missing or are you trying to say that's how much the taxpayers will have to pay for Cimino's witch hunt when he lost the appeal for the township? Sounds like you are one of the HIPOCRITS of patch who won't or can't face the truth!!


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