West Deptford Township Appointments for 2013

Who's working for the town? Here's the full list of professional appointments OK'd at the Jan. 3 reorganization meeting.

West Deptford Township Committee's Jan. 3 reorganization meeting saw a split vote with many of the township committee appointments. Below is the full list of appointments made at the meeting. Any appointments that were not made are listed as "will be re-advertised."

Appointments by Township Committee

Solicitor – Anthony Ogozalak Jr., Beckman, Roth, Ogozalek

Municipal Engineer – Alaimo Group Consulting Engineer

Bond Counsel – Capehart & Scatchard

Auditor – Holman & Frenia P.C.

Prosecutor – Holstan/McDonald

Public Defender – Michael Amino

Special Counsel, Tax Appeals - Will be re-advertised

Multiple Dwelling Regulation Board Solicitor – Will be re-advertised

Employee Assistance Program - Cooper University Hospital

Insurance Broker – AJM Insurance Management, Inc.

Real Estate Appraiser – Will be re-advertised

Emergency Medical/Occupational Health Services Provider Gerald M. Vernon, D.O. - West Deptford Family Medicine

Special Counsel/Redevelopment – Mark Cimino

Financial Adviser – Phoenix

Administrative Agent for the Administration of Affordable Units – Triad Associates

Risk Management Consultant - AJM Insurance Management, Inc.

Fund Commissioner - AJM Insurance Management, Inc.


Appointments by Nomination

Township Clerk - Amy Leso

Zoning Officer - Sandi Rost

Planning Board – Samuel Cianfarini (Class III member)

Deputy Township Clerk - Michelle Hack

Deputy Court Administrators - Brenda Ellis, Eleanor Oxley, Kathy Biddick, Kristin Barry

Appointment of Emergency Management Coordinators – Joe Gill (one-year term)

Appointment of Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators – Ed Coates, Craig Mangano (one-year terms)

Appointment of Deputy Tax Collector - Penny Sheehan (one-year term)

Appointment of Municipal Housing Liaison - Sandi Rost

Appointment of Public Agency Compliance Officer - Jeff Totten

Appointment of Executive Director, West Deptford Redevelopment Entity - Eric Campo

Members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment – Bill Bondar (four-year term), Madeline Fucci (#1 Alternate, two-year term), Anthony Damika (#4 Alternate, two-year term)

Members of the Multiple Dwelling Regulation Board

(Class I – Citizen)

Class I Member, two-year term - Christina McGee

Class I Member, one-year term - Cathy Nahas

Class I Alternate, one-year term - Patricia Davino

(Class II – Tenant)

Class II Members, one-year term - Richart Merget and Tyler Levine

Class II Alternate, one-year term - Jean Drake

(Class III – Park Ownership)

Class III Members, one-year term - Donald Paetzold and Dina Nicholls

Class III Alternate, one-year term - Carol Baker

At-Large Member of the Recreation Advisory Committee – John Dunda (three-year term)

Appointment of Special Police Officers - Jason Williams, Zack Knapp, Ed Coates, Josh Kerr, Jim Walker Jr., Tom Roberts, Robert Mehaffey, Sean Kampmeier


Appointments by the Mayor

Members of the Planning Board

Class I Member – Mayor Ray Chintall (one-year term)

Mayor Designee - Sean Kilpatrick

Class II Member - Joe Nahas (one-year term)

Class IV Member - Dick Wagner, Joe Monahan, Jeff Hansen (four-year terms)

Class IV #1 Alternate - Charles Brem (two-year term)

Members of the Library Commission - Terry Wallowitch (five-year term), Cathy Cainfarini (Mayor's Representative, one-year term)

Members of the Tree Committee – Robert Waller, David Sileo, Ahmad Tamous (one-year terms)

Members of the Committee on the Disabled – Denise Nicolosi, Jack Magee, Tammy Romansky, Jean Budd, Frank D'Amico, Cheryl Carroll, James Patrick, Kathy ole (one-year terms)

Members of the Environmental Commission – Edward Komczyk, David Sileo, David Keller (three-year terms)

Members of the Emergency Services Coordinating Council

Citizens-At-Large - Mike Nahas, Chuck Weikel (one-year terms)

Mayor’s Alternate - Eric Campo (one-year term)

RiverWinds Advisory Board – Christine Strano, Michelle Maher, Carlton Bogan, Steven Murtaugh, William Vankat, Jeff Hansen, Jonathan Leise (one-year terms)

Township Liaison - John Austin (one-year term)

Wayne Klotz January 09, 2013 at 06:34 PM
John; you might want to ask the three who appointed them, if you get an answer on the 17th .
redneckwillie3 January 09, 2013 at 10:57 PM
anyone knows you have to put in an opra request Wayne.showing your stupidity again.The three have no decision on their salary.every comment you make on here the more idiotic you sound.your party lost get over it,move on,become useful,create something,take up a hobby,go for a walk.
Limp Willie January 10, 2013 at 12:01 AM
Last time I checked redneck Klotz's party won this past election with DiCarlo crushing Hansen, giving him his third defeat. Now they are trying to lure Kilpatrick into retirement with job enticements so they can replace him with the three time loser Hansen. How many more times do the voters have to reject this guy?
redneckwillie3 January 10, 2013 at 01:46 AM
Limp Willie are we forgetting that Dicarlo is still the minority it's republican control,little limpy. all her no votes is like pissing in the wind.her and Donna are at their best bying being book ends in the political game of life. And Sweeney didn'y help the dem chance next election. Donna is gonna be history. Crushing wow 76 votes is crushing.now I know why your willie is limp.
Papa Bear January 10, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Do we really need all these people to run the Township?


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