Meet the Township Committee Candidates

Denice DiCarlo and Jeff Hansen go more in-depth on their plans for West Deptford in our candidate profiles.

Forget Obama vs. Romney—in West Deptford, the race to watch is DiCarlo vs. Hansen.

There is one seat up for grabs on West Deptford's township committee and voters have a choice on Nov. 6: Democratic incumbent Denice DiCarlo or Republican challenger Jeff Hansen.

West Deptford Patch held one-on-one interviews with both candidates in recent days to discuss their experience, plans for town and more. Not surprisingly, both candidates have a lot to say about West Deptford's massive debt. They also both spoke at length on economic development in town.

Neither candidate had access to the questions before the individual interviews. Their answers have been condensed for space reasons.

As a live debate between the candidates seems all but dead at this point, we hope you find these candidate profiles informative as you decided who gets your vote on Election Day.

Candidate Profile: Denice DiCarlo (D)

Candidate Profile: Jeff Hansen (R)

Reminder: West Deptford Patch will not accept letters to the editor on the election . 


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