What You Need to Know for Thanksgiving Weekend

From closings to the Paulsboro-West Deptford rivalry, we have it all.

  • If you're a bookworm, head over to the either today or tomorrow, since you won't have another chance until Saturday. The library closes Wednesday night at 9, and won't reopen until Saturday morning at 10.
  • Need to pay taxes or get other things done at the ? Same deal–get it done today or tomorrow, otherwise you'll be out of luck until next Monday.
  • If you're used to getting your trash picked up Thursday or Friday, get the cans out to the curb, since you'll have pickup Wednesday this week.
  • You'll have to wait until Friday to burn off that Thanksgiving turkey at –the center is closed Thursday, but has normal hours Friday. If you're not getting your workout from Black Friday shopping, the treadmills will be waiting for you first thing that morning.
  • The 31st annual West Deptford Thanksgiving Soccer Tournament features 231 teams (so far) of kids anywhere from 8- to 17-years-old playing games across the township on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Swing by , , the or any of the other locations to catch some of the action.
  • The 31st annual Paulsboro-West Deptford Thanksgiving game is Saturday morning at 11 at Paulsboro. While the Red Raiders may not be as strong as they usually are, rivalry games almost always make for some interesting action.


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