Five Things You Need to Know: West Deptford Schools

Get the latest on upcoming shows for the middle school choir and updates on the latest bullying and attendance reports.

Missed the last few West Deptford school board meetings? Curious about what's going on now and what's coming up soon? Here's five things you need to know.

1. West Deptford continued to reduce the number of harassment, bullying and intimidation incidents  (HIB) for the 2012-13 school year. Superintendent Kevin Kitchenman stated during the district's last board meeting on Monday night that there was only one HIB report during October, drastically down from the same time last year. The school district is hoping to reduce the number of incidents for the entire school year by at least 37 percent.

2. West Deptford's middle school choir has a packed schedule in the month of December. They will perform on Dec. 9 at Rowan University in a Christmas concert. Two days later, they will perform again, this time at the Gloucester County Senior Holiday Luncheon on Dec 11. Check back with West Deptford Patch for coverage of these events.

3. West Deptford High School's Concert Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band and Jazz team will be making a trip next spring to Boston, Massachusetts for a number of performances. The trip will take place from May 29 to June 2. A finalized list of of dates and venues will be released shortly.

4. After serving as an assistant under girls' tennis head coach Kelly Hernandez, Mike Seeley was hired in September as the new head coach for the boys' tennis team. Appropriately enough, Seeley's assistant with the boys will be Hernandez, who was officially approved as the team's newest assistant on Oct. 22

5. The newest monthly attendance figures for West Deptford School District revealed that for the first time in many years, attendance in the school district has dropped below 3,000 students. Kitchenman noted on Monday night that the total enrollment will likely straddle either side of that number for the entire school year.

al henry November 17, 2012 at 02:09 AM
So Superintendent Kitchenman stated West Deptford schools only had one HIB report for October, drastically down from last years numbers. While that is good you have to question why were the numbers so high last year. Do you actually believe all the bullys were "weeded out" last year? Not likely. Being accused of HIB is no joke. For students it's on your school record, for adults could mean loss of job and or career. I am sure many of the "founded" cases of HIB are false due to the fact that Kitchenman and his HIB committee "shot from the hip" and used their own interpretation of HIB guidelines. Only after Kitchenman was contacted by his superiors as to why his HIB cases were so high did the HIB cases drop dramatically. Superintendent Kitchenman alone is responsible for the outrageously high HIB cases. Apologies are due to students and their parents wrongly accused. Especially those who spent big $$ on an attorney to appeal their "founded" HIB case before the BOE to have it unanimously voted upon to be "unfounded". Kitchenman should be made liable for all "unfounded" attorney fees. Based on the manner this situation was handled Kitchenman should no longer be the Superintendent of West Deptford schools.
Carrie December 16, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Personally, I have to wonder if it isn't more a case of ignorance. My daughter had a case that was clear cut, last year and was told to kiss and make up with a girl who had sent her ove 100 text messages telling her she was stupid and ugly. The person in charge completely blew off both me and my daughter. After changing my daughters phone number and going through the child study team, I was able to ensure minimal contact for this year, so there has been little contact between the 2 girls, but, I have no faith in anything the board or superintendant say concerning it. The #'s are based on what they report, not what actually happens.


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