Kline Hopes Job Experience Helps Makes Him Asset to School Board

New school board member David Kline believes that his IT management experience and analytical thinking will prove beneficial.

Communication is key for David Kline, one of two new school board members on the West Deptford school board. He has spent about 18 years in IT, mostly in management positions and if there was one thing that he could emphasize about his job, it was communication.

“You have to be able to communicate with all these people and gather as much information as possible and help make good decisions,” he said.

That trait is the biggest thing that Kline feels he brings to the table as he was officially sworn in to join the school board on Wednesday night. Kline was excited for his first meeting and said that running for a school board position is something that has been in the making for a few years now.

“I thought about it quite a bit over the last four or five years,” he said. “I just wanted to make myself more involved with my children's education. I have some skills that I'd be able to help the board with and help push things in the right direction.”

Making important decisions is something that school board members are asked to do frequently. For Kline, who worked at DuPont Capital Management for 11 years before starting his own technology consulting firm last year, critical thinking is something he has done at his job for many years.

“Managing IT in the investment world is pretty complex; things are constantly changing,” he said. “One of my biggest assets is to tackle analytical issues and really look at the data and look at the problems, look at all the inputs, look at the people and make a decision.”

Kline said its going to take him a little bit of time to become familiar with how the board works and what its policies are, but he feels his experiences will be an invaluable asset. He said that he is unsure about which committee he'd like to chair, but he feels that he'll be able to contribute to all aspects of the board regardless of where he is place.

“I'm basically looking to just help make the schools as good as they can be and really make sure that, for the money we're spending, we're getting the most quality education we can get,” Kline said.

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