Renowned Artist Donates Valuable Artwork to GCC

Paul Stankard, a former student of Gloucester County College, donated the artwork, valued at nearly $30,000, to the school.

Gloucester County College was the recipient of a very generous gift this past week, as glass-artist Paul Stankard donated 21 new pieces of art to Gloucester County College Permanent Art Collection. 

GCC President Frederick Keating and art collection curator Ross Beitzel accepted the donation on behalf of the college. The donations are valued at approximately $30,000. Some of the most valuable works include a botanical painting of artist Tom Steigerwald and a charcoal drawing by Katherine Stankard Campbell, the daughter of Paul Stankard.

"I’ve had a beautiful journey being a studio artist," said Stankard said during the unveiling of his artwork. "I really believe in the community college system and feel fortunate to be able to share pieces from my collection with others, especially Gloucester County College since I was a student here in 1973."

"Thank you for this impressive donation and contributing to the cultural climate of the college,” Keating said. “I love having your artwork on display outside of my office for everyone to enjoy."

Some of Stankard's work will be featured in the college's new University Center, which opened this past September.


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