A derailed train in Sparta, 2013
A derailed train in Sparta, 2013

The state of New Jersey has just released a report on the 2012 derailment of a train carrying toxic vinyl chloride: more than half of the residents targeted in exhibited new or worsening symptoms believed to be associated with the train's crash. 

Mark Cuker, an attorney defending more than 1000 residents, told the Philedelphia Inquirer, "It caused a lot of health problems."

A more recent though more distant train derailment dumped crude oil all over Lynchburg, Virginia. 17 tanker cars fell into the James River and causing a fire. No one was injured in the initial derailment. 

Bogota Mayor Antero Jackson spoke on the possible dangers of New Jersey transport. 

“If you sat here with the guidebook when the train went by as to what the chemicals are that are passing through here and the oil that’s coming through here," he told My9NJ, "it’s pretty scary that if we had an accident of that magnitude, depending on which way the wind was blowing, you’re talking about thousands of people having to evacuate."


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