Sponsorship Money Rolling in for Summer Concert Series

West Deptford has already received commitments for $17,100 toward the 2013 summer concert series at RiverWinds.

West Deptford is off to a fast start in raising money through sponsorships for its summer concert series at RiverWinds.

According to numbers from recreation director Greg Ley, the township has already received commitments for $17,100 worth of funding from vender fees and corporate sponsors. That amount is just over half of all of the money the township received in 2012. Last year, the township received a final amount of $33,750 from vendor fees and sponsors.

Ley said the township hopes to continue to raise money. At a recreation advisory committee meeting last week, he encouraged board members to get local businesses to donate money to the concerts. He also said that the mayor's sponsorship letter for the concert has gone out.

The township committee approved the 2013 summer concert series schedule at its Feb. 7 meeting. There was some discussion about the concert series not being able to cover its cost and taxpayers footing some of the cost for security. The cost of the bands is about $36,000. Other expenses, such as police coverage at the events, cost approximately an additional $7,500.

The 2013 summer concert series will take place on 13 consecutive Fridays during the summer, starting on May 31 at the RiverWinds Amphitheater. Botto's Italian Line Restaurant will provide the food for the concert series again this year.

Sam Budd February 26, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Great job once again by Greg Ley. I dont understand why Sam and Ray always are trying to eliminate the concert series when it pays for itself and is attended by thousands of residents every year. Ley gets the job done every year.
Bud Budd February 26, 2013 at 08:42 PM
we don't need these concerts to benefit out of towners.the residents of WD could benefit more by lowering taxes especially if they raise the school tax. majority of the people that attend the concerts are not WD residents and with the inferior bands their gonna have this year,who needs the concerts. they only raised half the money so the full amount isn't there yet.
Occupant February 26, 2013 at 08:43 PM
It doesn't totally pay for itself, and its a fact bought to light by Sam & Ray that everyone wants to ignore because it makes them feel better not to think of it being another debt borne by the taxpayers. The township is always left to pick up the tab after Labor day. If it were 100% self sufficient there would be no problem. Sure Greg does a good job putting it together but it is not self sufficient.
Kristi Simpkins March 03, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Whether people want to admit this or not the concerts are a lot of fun. Plus the concerts benefit everyone. Does it really matter if those people live here in town or elsewhere? What matters is that people enjoy a nice night out & w/ their family & friends. As for our taxes being lowered & raising the school taxes those things will never happen. @ least not soon enough. Not having the concerts will suddenly change those issues. Plus just b/c certain people of the township don't want them to be held or they don't want to attend the concerts those choices are theirs. However the concerts should still be held as planned. Many people attend them. For those people who wish not to go to them then just don't go. Simple as that.
James Cheetle March 06, 2013 at 01:20 AM
I don't want you drunk idiots in my neighborhoodies.


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